Novelties Pricing


Elephant Foot Stool$595.00
Elephant Foot Wastebasket$550.00
Elephant Trunk Lamp$2,100.00
Elephant Tusk on Walnut Base(Set of 2)$1,000.00
Hippo Teeth in Shadow Box$800.00
Hippo Teeth on wood table top stand$800.00
Hippo Skull with glass Table$1,200.00
Scrotum Pencil Holder(Small)$150.00
Scrotum Pencil Holder(large)$220.00
Scrotum Purse$140.00
Scrotum Cuisse$150.00
Tail Swatter$120.00
Coasters(Set of Six)$45.00(set) or 8.00 Each
Cuisse(Out of Hide)$20.00 Each
Place Mats(Out of Hide) Set of 4$75.00
Giraffe Bones-Bleach Only$50.00
Foot Ottoman
Small 19" x 19"$650.00
Medium 21" x 27"$1,000.00
Large 44" x 44"$1,500.00
12x12 X-Small$55.00
16x16 Small$65.00
18x18 Medium $75.00
20x20 Large$85.00
Gun Rack-(2 feet one panel)
Small:(Deer, Antelope, Impala)$350.00
Medium:(Zebra, Elk, Gemsbok)$375.00
Large:(Buffalo, Eland, Ostrich)$395.00
Bookends- (Set of 2)
Small:(Deer, Antelope, Impala)$250.00
Medium:(Zebra, Elk, Gemsbok)$300.00
Large:(Buffalo, Eland, Ostrich)$350.00
Candy Dish-Ashtray
Hippo$250.00 Each
Buffalo$250.00 Each
Tusk on Plaque